More art in your life

Without art and creativity, life is dull and gray.

Art enriches your life, your soul and your home. Whether you hang a painting on the wall, or you like to be creative yourself.

Creativity is something that binds us as humans and has brought us to where we are today as humanity. From the discovery of sliced bread to the invention of a new technique. It is all the same creative source from which we draw.

Unfortunately, we see ratio predominate in so many places every day. Art is getting in touch with our feelings, opening your heart and experiencing something. Every person needs his feelings to feel happy.

Our world is focused on logic and independence. I think we miss a lot because of this. Connecting with the other and with your own feelings gives so much depth to your life.

Are you an emotional person and do you need help to provide your life with more art and creativity, then you have come to the right place.

What others say:

The studio

A studio is part of the world, but at the same time closed off from it.

As soon as the door closes in my studio, all daily noise disappears.
In a studio you can reflect, feel and imagine what the world has left on you.

There is no longer any time, the outside world disappears. I connect with a deeper layer within myself.

In the studio I tap into the grand feeling of the power of nature. In a place in the middle of the city, I have my cocoon.

You are very welcome to step into my studio and let the world fall away. For a conversation about art, or for a creative workshop.


Artist and teacher

I would like to help you enrich your life with more color and meaning.

I can do that by making a painting for you that will open your heart or help you stir up your creative fire.

For your wall

Love for the Sea

Waves arise far at sea. A small breeze can cause a small ripple. That ripple grows into a wave.

Such wave currents can grow into huge big waves unhindered by land. Only when the gulf stream encounters shallow water does the lower part of the water slow down. The top still moves fast, the water topples over and turns over.

Isn’t that a nice metaphor for obstacles that you encounter in life?

A small ripple becomes a big wave, the flow accelerates and everything moves in one direction, an obstacle, you go over it, you fly, you float … or you fall. You come down to earth, sometimes sobered and realistic, often wiser and richer. After which you rejoin in the big stream. And everything flows again.

Hidden worlds

What is hidden?

In Hidden Worlds I investigate what we want to show of ourselves. What different sides we have in ourselves, but also what lies deeply hidden.

What allows you to melt and what remains hidden deep under the surface.

We are like ice floes, floating on the sea, where we collide, drift away from each other, float and finally merge into the great whole.

This collection will appear on the website very soon, keep it up to date via the newsletter.

Creativity never runs out.
The more you use, the more you have.

- Maya Angelou


A creative mind is stubborn, inquisitive, does not give up easily, makes discoveries and is open to new inspiration.

You are not only creative if you can draw well, or can draw something exactly. Creativity exists in your mind. It is a way of thinking. It can sometimes take a while before the flame turns into a bonfire, but everyone can open up to think creatively.

We as humanity have come quite far by approaching every challenge or obstacle in a creative way. Whether that is through the invention of sliced bread or to make someone (or yourself) feel good by making a beautiful drawing or painting …

To stimulate your creativity


Favorite colors:
Prussian blue & turquoise

Guilty pleasure:
White vegan chocolate

Dream holiday
Wherever nature is abundant

Artist crush:
Rothko, Turner, Barnett Newman

Favorite way to relax:
Painting, yoga and walking

Impossible task
Go to bed on time; late night creative brain waves!

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