“A painting is not a picture of an experience, but it is the experience.” ― Mark Rothko

laura van de wiel

Laura van de Wiel

I make acrylic and resin paintings.

I create paintings for my own collections but you can also have a custom painting made. Sometimes your space still needs a pleasant presence to give your room the appearance that makes you feel comfortable. .

Art gives you a feeling, whether it is stimulating or soothing. It can open a door in your heart and make you feel at home. This experience can be very personal. You cannot always explain why only one work does something to you. Sometimes you can’t put the feeling into words.

Art can represent something that cannot be captured in words.

My mission is to give everyone a sense of belonging. The feeling that you are part of a larger whole. I do this by creating inspiring artworks. I also organize workshops in which the participants always experience that you can create something really beautiful even without so-called “talent”.

Creativity is an essential part of who we are as humans. It distinguishes us from a robot way of life. Hence my motto: “Earth without art is just Eh”.

Look at art

Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth

Laura van de Wiel

Artist and visual teacher Laura van de Wiel (1986) lives and works in Breda under the name LauwPauw.

“In my fluid art work I try to capture the feeling that you are a small and important part of the bigger picture. So that you feel you can lose yourself in “the bigger picture” and still be able to observe and insert all the details on a micro level. “
You can discover the combination between this micro and macro world in the paintings with fluid art in acrylic or resin. It is also present in jewelry, other beautiful art objects and framed prints.
Want to see more? Contact me on Instagram or view my portfolio.
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