Abstract art, when is it a good work of art?

Some "good" abstract works do nothing for me. But other works do touch me again. The list below is therefore not necessarily about taste. But it is more of a short checklist that you can use to analyze a work of art. 1. Consistency This refers to the coherence within a painting and the of an artist's portfolio. Consistency is important in one work, the work must be in balance, finished in the same way everywhere and the lines and shapes must appear planned. An artist's portfolio must also be in balance. If it is incoherent; nice work here and there but sometimes also of mediocre quality, can you…

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7 tips to paint better

7 tips to paint better Painting can be quite complicated if you are just starting out. You may know the materials and how it works. But how do you make a good painting? What should you start practicing with? Here I have listed for a number of painting tips which I found useful when I just started painting. 1. Big Tools Use large to medium sized brushes and palette knives. I am a huge fan of palette knives, you can apply a big dollop of paint, you wipe them and they are ready for a new color. If you use a large brush or palette knife, you also ensure…

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