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Hidden Worlds

In Hidden Worlds I investigate what we want to show of ourselves. What different sides we have in ourselves, but also what lies deeply hidden.

What allows you to melt and what remains hidden deep under the surface.

We are like ice, floating on the sea, where we collide, drift away from each other, bob and finally merge back into the big picture.

The Mothership

Simplicity. Limited choice of colors. Beautiful forms painted. The work is reminiscent of the powerful works of Georgia O’Keeffe. There is not really a central point to the work, this enhances the driving power of the elements. As if it will go on forever and has always been that way. The work has something reassuring and at the same time ominous about it. Painted with care.

Jury rapport Painting Of The Year, 2021.

Hidden Worlds Collection


It's a matter of Perspective I

Once you’re in the middle of something, it’s hard to look at it from a distance. Only after a while there is more room to see things in a different way.⁠

⁠Much later, with time, there will be even more room to see the bigger picture.⁠

It's A Matter Of Perspective II

Sometimes things change, fast or slow.

Just when everything changes, it is a reason to look at it from a different perspective.⁠

The obstacles that life presents to you are an exercise in being grateful for what is, or has been.

Find Light In Unexpected Places

A bright spot can pop up in an unexpected way.

Especially in the darkest times you will find light in places where it used to be dark.


We clash sometimes.

That’s part of life.

The collision is sometimes big and sometimes small.

The blow can linger for a long time.
But it takes you to a new place.

The Treasure

Where is the treasure hidden in yourself or the other?

Sometimes you have to dig long and in different places and go deep before you find the treasure.

The Mothership

This painting bears this name for several reasons.⁠

The name refers to our spaceship on which we all float around in our galaxy.

But also on a smaller scale. The loose ice floes that drift away from the large solid part at the bottom right.

Like small spaceships that find their own way.

Explore what is visible, will be revealed or remains hidden and how we are all connected.⁠

The Mothership depicts the spaceship on which we all float in search of connection and fusion.