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This new collection is about the origin of life at the cellular level. How one cell lives symbiotically in another and they grow and develop together.

The great thing is that the DNA of this (true) event can be found in the DNA of plants, animals and even us humans.

In this way we are all connected.

Symbiosis – dedicated to Lynn Margulis

Lynn Margulis has also been called “science’s unruly earth mother”, a “affirmed heretic” and a scientific “rebel”.

Margulis is one of the founders of the endosymbiosis theory. endosymbiosis theory. The endosymbiosis theory isthe revolutionairy idea that cells develop by working together.

The driving force behind life is not spontaneous or accidental, but cooperation is the key to growth and development.

Symbiose Collection



You are an independent living entity.

You exist in a larger whole that offers the safe space to grow and develop.

You exist together at the same time, you are independent, but never alone.


Continue to live or exist.

Making the best in a trial or difficult circumstances and coming out better than before.

Thanks to the situation, you discover a new side of yourself and move forward.

Vital Spark

A spark can give you new chance.

Refreshing your vitality through a new angle or changing situation.

It’s not a problem, but a challenge.

Everything is always in motion, follow the magic and seize the new opportunity.


The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of your existence determines your character.

The strength of our existence arises from the fact that we are all connected from the same essence.


The state of growth, development and/or maturation.

We grow by connecting with each other.

We grow by connecting with each other.

Multiply by dividing.

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