Original and unique

A painting is more than just a canvas:

  • It’s a feeling you can dive into
  • A memory of a place where you can dream away
  • It tells a story, your story

A painting is more than just decoration on the wall

It is an expression of your feelings

Your feeling on the wall

A pleasant presence that greets you every time you enter the room

  • A window to another world
  • A work that stimulates your imagination and that you keep looking at
schilderij laten maken
fluid art kopen

A painting that suits you perfectly

Looking at art is like looking at a loved one

Art can ensure that your brain gets a better blood circulation, looking at a beautiful work of art givesthe same boost to your brain as looking at someone you love.

So you don’t need to know about art, you just need to know what you like and what you don’t.

I can help you make the tough choices

  • Let the painting come into its own in your interior
  • Choosing the style that suits you
  • The colors that match your feeling
schilderij laten maken door laura van de wiel

Fluid art





Resin / epoxy

If you place an order today,
how does it work?

Keuze maken en bestelling plaatsen

  • Vandaag

Je kunt direct een bestelling plaatsen via de webshop. Op die manier heb je meteen de keuze gemaakt voor het formaat en kleurstijl. Heb je hiervoor hulp nodig neem dan contact met me op.


Door het plaatsen van de bestelling heb je plek gereserveerd. Nadat je de informatie en eventuele inspiratie afbeeldingen hebt gestuurd ga ik voor je aan de slag met een voorstel/schetsfase.

Binnen 1 week


  • Binnen 1 week

Nadat je de bestelling hebt geplaatst en de benodigde informatie hebt gestuurd maak ik een schets.

Hierdoor krijg je een goed beeld van hoe het het uiteindelijke schilderij er uit gaat zien. Zo weten we beiden zeker dat het eindresultaat naar wens zal zijn. 


  • Van start na akkoord van de schetsfase

Nadat de schetsfase akkoord is begin ik met het uitvoeren van het definitieve schilderij.

Ik houd je op de hoogte van het schilderproces.

Van start na akkoord van de schetsfase
13 October 2018

Schilderij ophalen

  • 13 October 2018

Nadat het schilderij goed is gedroogd wordt het schilderij afgewerkt met een beschermende vernislaag. 

Een week later is het schilderij klaar om opgehaald te worden.

schilderij laten maken

Before I start painting:

  • A no-obligation conversation in my studio or at your home, so that you can explain exactly what feeling your painting should radiate. We discuss your wishes and how I can visualize them for you.
  • An extensive sketch phase – so you can see that I have interpreted your ideas correctly. An extensive sketch phase – so you can see that I have interpreted your ideas correctly.

Delivery time

Including a mock-up so you can be sure that it will fit nicely into your interior.

Depending on the sketching phase and agreement, the average delivery time is 4-8 weeks. In connection with the drying time and finish.

Urgency is of course negotiable. Contact me.


Each custom painting has a custom price.
Depending on the size, you will cost between € 300 and € 900 for an acrylic casting painting.
For a resin / epoxy painting you will be between € 400 – € 1,200.

Price depends on the format and complexity of the work.

Who am I?

Artist and visual teacher Laura van de Wiel (1986) lives and works in Breda under the name LauwPauw.

“In my fluid art works I try to capture the feeling that you are a small and important part of the bigger picture. So that you feel you can lose yourself in “the bigger picture” and still perceive and feel all the details at the micro level. “

You can discover the combination between this micro and macro world in the paintings with fluid art in acrylic or resin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In my work I often use blue but it gives me peace of mind and makes me happy when I look at it. Of course, I adapt to your wishes when creating assignment work. I then use the colors that give you that same feeling of happiness..

Then of course I will help you with that! I also really like the preparatory process because I can think along with you and together we can discover what you like. We always start with an extensive sketch phase so that you can give a lot of feedback and indicate what you like. If you really feel that your perfect painting comes to the fore in the sketches, we will only start with “the real work”.

Yes, it is true that a smaller budget usually means a smaller size. Yes, it is true that a smaller budget usually means a smaller size. This makes a larger painting a bit cheaper per square centimeter. If a smaller painting is also too expensive for you, there are always options to choose a less expensive painting technique, choose a painting from the shop or have a high-quality print printed or your dream painting during a workshop. to make.

When making a Resin painting and a liquid acrylic painting, a large part of the time is spent allowing the layers of paint or epoxy to dry well. Only when a layer is completely dry can I continue working on the painting. If the layers do not dry properly, this can have an undesirable effect (cracks, bumps, etc.) and I always want to prevent this. Sometimes I take some extra time to make sure that nothing can go wrong.

I can use an image of a painting as inspiration for the work you want. I will always try to incorporate the feeling you want from the painting into the painting. But this is not to say that I can make an exact copy for you. I create a unique work and one of its kind. I cannot copy the creative work process of another artist, because I do violence to both myself and the other artist.

A custom-made painting cannot be exchanged. In the non-binding phase, before accepting the quotation, you always have the choice to stop. If you are really not satisfied after purchase, please always let me know so I can always look with you and do my very best to find a solution to the problem.

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