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Creativity is a way of thinking

I know, this is a drawing website, but not only drawing is an expression of creativity.

Being creative is a way of thinking.

Solving problems and looking at the world in a different way is creative. In the video below, Katerina Kamprani shows how she uses her creativity to look at the world in a different way.

You can see more examples of her work on the website about her project The Uncomfortable.


Divergent thinking

 Katerina’s way of thinking is a good example of divergent thinking. This means that you do not think in one solution, but that you can interpret a question in several ways. Children aged 5 years old are very good at divergent thinking. They were asked: How can you use a paper clip? The children could come up with lots of solutions. For adults this is often a bigger job. Whether you are discarding creativity (I do not think so) or whether it is something that you can keep practicing the best (I think so!) Or that it is more difficult to think divergent when you get older, anyway: it is a valuable skill because it brings you new ideas!


A few drawing tips / questions for you:

  • What do you like to draw? Or have you often drawn?
  • Can you think of a way to look at it differently?
  • How would you like to experience what you like when you can only study it in a dark room?
  • Can it look like something else?
  • Or can you combine it with something else?
  • Maybe you think about the utility or purpose and adjust this?
  • Can it get bigger?
  • Or very small?

The solution

To open up your mind to look at your drawing differently, I do not have a ready-made solution. Of course not, because then it would no longer be really creative!

Creativity comes from your brain, it builds on what you see, what you can feel with it, what associations you make, etc. Ask yourself questions during drawing. Try to make strange combinations or associations and do not give up! The inconvenience that you undoubtedly feel while trying and thinking is part of the creative process.

If it really does not work? Do not give up immediately and try again later. Sometimes the best ideas come when you are not consciously involved, all you have to do is keep your eyes open and keep an eye on what kind of thoughts are floating by.

I wish you much success and creative solutions!

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