Original artwork

  • Orders within the Netherlands will be sent as soon as possible and will be delivered between 2-7 working days.
  • For orders shipped from the Netherlands with a European destination, the average delivery time is 5-10 working days after the order and payment of the shipping costs has been completed.
  • The average delivery time for orders from the Netherlands to locations outside Europe is 10-20 working days.

If your order is delayed, I will let you know as soon as possible and inform you about the new delivery time.



Prints, art objects and jewellery.

  • Most prints are in stock, but some have to be printed on demand. In this case the print will take 3 work days extra to deliver. On average the print will arrive within 3-5 workdays.
  • Other art objects an jewellery will be shipped as soon as possible. Within one or two workdays they should be on their way to your mailbox!