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Drawing is important for everybody!

What came first, text or drawings?

Everyone who ever saw a picture of a cavemen drawing knows the answer to this.

Drawing is something we have done for a long time. And although modern man sometimes tries to deny it, it is very important to who we are.


We are visual creatures. We look at everything and everybody if we get the chance. With large sunglasses on a sunny day or in our digital meeting places, like Facebook, Instagram, Google Steetview, etc. We look at the world around us and have opinions about it!

Right now we are bombarded with a large amount of images. Just for fun, look at a movie from a few decades ago; it seems so slow!

To make optimal use of these very nice way of enjoying the world, it is very useful to have good visual skills. There is a big difference in just looking or actually seeing!


Looking at art

In the arts we look a lot at pictures, paintings, sculptures and we study and think about what you are seeing. Developing this skill is incredibly useful. Not only in art, but also when you are a cop, a nurse, scientist or an accountant. These probably sound a bit weird when I connect them to looking at art, but with all of these, and many other jobs it is very important you understand that you know what you have in front of you.


Everything starts with a pencil

To be able to carefully observe the world is useful, but there is more. Drawing is almost always the start of something that is:

  • new,
  • creative,
  • beautiful,
  • surprising,
  • can touch your heart,
  • can make you feel something,

And I can go on like this for a bit. En yes, not everything I just wrote has an economic value (the modern translation for “useful” ) But it does have value for who were are as a human. The robots haven’t totally taken over, did they?

The Big Draw

I found a video for you who talks some more and goes in depth about the importance of drawing.


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