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Gifts rather than discounts!

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I bought a smart watch from a large company. My own stupid mistake broke the screen. I was very disappointed because I only had the watch for a few months. With the crack, the watch still works, but it is no longer waterproof.

Not a big deal and I assumed I could get the screen repaired for a fee. But that turned out not to be that easy. I was informed customer-unfriendly that I just had to buy a new watch from them …

After I approached several repair companies, and a number of phone calls and emails later, the repair turned out to be impossible because this large company does not cooperate in repair and therefore does not supply parts.

The stupid thing is that the repair might be as expensive as this new watch, but I still refuse to buy a new watch from this company.

In the meantime it has become a matter of principle.

Then I will use the watch with a crack in my screen.

Black Friday & Cyber monday does not suit me.

Of course I also like to score a nice discount. But the buy-buy-buy madness doesn’t work for me. In addition, as a maker of handmade products, it is impossible to stunt with these high discounts.

Shopping cheap stuff does not fit my idea of sustainability. Just like the watch, which only has to be thrown away by a crack in the screen, cheap also often gives me the feeling of worthlessness.

Our world and our nature are beautiful and the greatest source of inspiration for my work.

My artwork and art items are handmade and I am always aware of my footprint. Everything that could normally be thrown away as waste, I try to reuse as much as possible and make something beautiful again.


I make resin paintings that I hope my buyers will enjoy for years to come. I measure as precisely as possible how much resin I need, but it sometimes happens that I have a little bit of resin left. I pour the resin into molds and use it to make jewelry and buttons.

No big Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts in my shop.

But to get in the festive mood, I am giving out some presents!

If you order something in the webshop on 27, 28, 29 or 30 November 2020, you will receive an upcycled sustainable gift with your order.

You can indicate a preference in the comments, blue or pink / red and button or ring. And then I try to find a present that suits you best.

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