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How to draw basic shapes

Basic shapes

The most important are:

  • Sphere
  • Cube
  • Cylinder
  • Kegel

Fold your drawing paper in half and then fold it again. Unfold. You can draw one shape on each part of the paper. If you already read the post about guidelines, you are able to draw a circle, which is exactly the way you draw a sphere. Didn’t see it or forgot? See the animated graphic below or see the full explanation in the other post.




De cylinder is almost the same like the sphere, but the vertical line is a bit shorter. That’s why the shape is a bit flatter. This is called an ellipse.


Draw the ellipse a bit in the bottom of the space. Draw two lines up (both the same length) Draw a horizontal line between these and repeat the drawing of the ellipse. After that, you erase the helplines.



The cone is almost the same as the cylinder, but the difference is, you don’t draw a line from the sides but from the middle of the ellipse. Then you connect the top of the line to the outer edges of the ellipse.


The cube is easy to start. Just draw a square with even sides. For instance 4 inches by 4 inches. Then draw from every corner a line to the upper right. Make them run parallel and all the same length. Do you want to check whether you made the lines just as steep as the other ones? Connect all the endpoints and if you have done it right they are all also 4 inches long.


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