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Frame a poster

A nice frame ensures that your new poster, print or photo comes out even better. Whether you want to create a gallery wall or frame a single photo, there are a few things you should know. Framing a poster yourself is not very difficult, and with the tips in this blog you will succeed too!


You need a mat to frame a poster nicely. A mat is the white space between the poster and your frame. There are two reasons to choose this, firstly to ensure that the poster or print does not “stick” to the glass. The mat provides a little distance from the glass. Second, it ensures that the poster or print looks better.

A print can also come into its own better with a mat, with a small white border you really light up the painting and it comes into its own. When shopping, make sure that you choose the frame a bit larger than the dimensions of your poster, so that you have room for the mat.

Zelf een poster inlijsten met passe-partout

With a large mat you can also frame a small painting in a larger frame for extra impact!

Just look how my friend Flavia Bennard does that with this beautiful landscape painting.

A small work can therefore become a real eye catcher!

Click here to view her beautiful “100 days of art” collection.


For the daredevils

Did you know that you can also opt for a daring passe-partout?

A colored or contrasting mat can also give a work that little bit extra.

Would you like to read more about how best to choose a colored or tinted mat? Click here (Dutch).

Let's start


  • Frame
  • Poster or art print
  • Ready-made mat or special acid free cardboard with cutting mat, ruler and knife. It is best to choose an acid-free passe-partout because then it will not yellow.
  • Acid-free tape, this ensures that the print or poster will not be damaged or yellowed over time by the components in the tape.
  • Duct tape or a wide adhesive tape

Ready to go

Zelf een poster inlijsten met passe-partout

Get everything ready to start. Work on a clean dust-free surface to prevent it from ending up in the frame.

To avoid fingerprints, do not touch the glass with your fingers on the inside.

If you are going to cut your mat yourself, first mark your print on the center of the back and make sure that you make the opening slightly narrower than the poster or print.

For a nice bevel on your mat, you can buy a special mat ruler, with which you can cut the mat at an oblique angle.


To be able to use a mat longer, I plasticize my mat on the inside with plastic or duct tape. If I then want to exchange a poster, I can remove it without damage.

Place your poster or print on the back of the mat with the acid-free tape. This tape ensures that your poster stays beautiful. If the tape is not acid-free, the tape can eventually make yellow spots on the poster. 

Only stick the print to the top of the mat with the acid-free tapeAs soon as you also start sticking to the bottom or side, you can have problems with bulging.

With only an attachment at the top, gravity ensures that the print hangs nicely.

Zelf een poster inlijsten met passe-partout


If your print is attached to the mat, you can carefully place it in the frame and close it. Make sure there are no dust or greasy fingers on the inside of the glass when you put the mat with print in it.

That was it! Good luck with framing and if I can help you with anything, let me know!

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Zelf een poster inlijsten met passe-partout

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