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My grandfather and me

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The perfect gift for friends, family or yourself. He pursed his lips and kissed your cheek, nose or mouth straight ahead. When I was young I always thought this was crazy and when I was a teenager I always arched my cheek towards him but now I think it reflects exactly who my grandpa was. Straightforward and don’t be difficult. A kiss is a kiss, not half but a real one.

I have fond memories of my grandfather and grandmother’s house. When I close my eyes I am right there again. I see the kitchen table in front of me, the dark brown furniture in the living room, the smell of the hall that I cannot describe but will never forget. The dining room where I ate potatoes with green beans and nutmeg with my grandfather and grandmother, even when I was an adult.

I always liked to talk to my grandfather. “How is it prul”, he would say. (“Prul, is a cutename for someone small) And we were talking about all kinds of things. I know he was always eager to learn to draw and took courses to learn it better. When I was hired at art school, we often talked about art and being creative. He was always proud of what I did, he didn’t say this but I felt it in everything.

My grandfather was not a man of many words, but somehow we always understood each other. Coincidentally, I was also named after my grandfather, with my middle name.

Unfortunately, my grandfather was never able to spend much time learning how to draw better, because by the time he had more time to do it, my grandmother got sick and took care of her. As a result, he had less and less time for his hobbies.

I still have a picture of him on my desk now. I have the feeling that my studio is making a dream of my grandfather come true. He also always wanted to be creative, but this has never really blossomed for him.

If something has made it clear to me recently, it is that everything is always subject to change. And there is no better time than now to follow your dreams and do what makes you happy.

During the Christmas holidays I spent a lot of time in my studio, and I painted with a medium that always makes me very happy: watercolor.

I made a portrait of my grandfather and me. To remind myself that everything is now. And that my grandfather must look proudly over my shoulder with everything I do.

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