Do you want your money back?

Within 5 working days after confirmation of the receipt of your product, I will refund the purchase amount to the same account with which you paid.

With visible traces of use, missing accessories or missing packaging you are no longer entitled to the full purchase price. In this case you will receive a partial allowance from us. This is always 75% of the original purchase amount.


How do I pay you back?

I will return the amount to your bank account within 5 working days.


I have not received a refund.

It varies per bank how long it takes before the reimbursement is on your account. I always pay back as soon as possible but at least within 5 working days. Is the amount after 8 working days not yet transferred to your account? Please contact me via


I have not received an invoice, where can I request one?

Please contact Laura via and always mention your order number. I will make sure that you receive the correct invoice via email.