United – Acryl on canvas

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The paintings in the Symbiosis collection deal with the origin of life on a microscopic level. How one cell lives symbiotically in another and they grow and develop together.

Life force reinforces and fuses together, creating a magical new reality.

The DNA of this (true!) event can be found in the DNA of plants, animals and even in that of us humans. Through this we are all connected in a magically beautiful way.

United gives a colorfull and joyfull atmosphere to any room It fits perfectly in a children’s room, in a sunny corner, on or above a cupboard or sideboard or as part of a gallery wall.

This work is made with acrylic on canvas.
It has a size of 24 x 30 cm.

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PICK UP: Of course you can always pick up the painting yourself at the studio in Breda, the Netherlands.

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Suspension and care

  • Ready to hang
  • If the surface gets dusty, you can wipe the artwork with a soft lint-free cloth or a soft brush / paintbrush.
  • Avoid corrosive materials, (paper) towels or similar materials that can damage the surface.

If you have any questions, you can always ask me via email: laura (at) lauwpauw.com

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