Hold Steady – Acrylic on paper, framed

In a turbulent time, you try not to drift along with the wave that you are blowing away. You try to keep feeling the solid ground. After the wave comes peace again. Focus on a point on the horizon and stand firm.

This work comforts me when it is hard, after turbulent times there is always peace again.

This work is very suitable for a cozy space, such as a hall, toilet or near a dresser or cupboard. Hang it somewhere where you can often look at it and you remember that after every storm comes a moment of peace again. This work also fits well into a series with other works or in a gallery wall.

The artwork is made on paper and framed in a metal frame. You can hang the work immediately when it arrives at you, the work has a hook on the back.

Shipping : In the ordering process, standard shipping costs are calculated based on your destination. I will calculate the exact shipping costs and if there is a mismatch, I will send you a refund or invoice for additional shipping costs. You never pay more than the actual shipping costs.

PICK UP: Of course, you can always come and collect the painting yourself in the studio in Breda, the Netherlands.

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Suspension and care:

  • The work is ready to be hung on the wall, so get the drill ready!
  • If the surface gets dusty, you can wipe the artwork with a soft dust-free cloth or a soft brush, blowing also works.
  • Avoid corrosive material, (paper) towels or similar materials that can damage the surface.

If you have any questions, you can always ask me these via e-mail: laura (at) lauwpauw.com

If you are interested in having a personalized artwork made, look here for more information on how this works.