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Warming-up for drawing. Three excises

Maybe you never thought about it, but for drawing it is a very good idea to warm-up before you begin.doodle-warmingup

How should you begin?

You can randomly scribble on a paper and then begin drawing. But I have a few more drawing tips for you.

Why should you warm-up?

Why do you need to do a warming-up for drawing? Of course, you do not háve to!
But it is very useful when the muscles in your hand and arm completely at your disposal.

Compare it with darts. If you are just starting, you are happy if you hit the dartboard at all.
The more you practice you get the better you can aim. If you practice more then you should have as much control over your arm that a “one-hundred-and-eighty” is easily achievable.

doodle-warmingup2 When it comes to drawing it works the same way. If you have not practiced and your muscles are not awake yet then you suddenly put a different line on your paper than you had in mind. It may also be that your head is otherwise working on something and you’re not quite there.

Once you clear your head by some doodling and wake up your arm before you begin drawing it will help to gain more control over what you put on paper. A cleared head and warmed up muscles provide better results!


Warm-up exercise 1:

Put your pencil on paper and draw an 8-repeated figure.
Move from your shoulder and your elbow. Try to keep your wrist as an extension of your arm.
Keep making the same movement, it’s okay if you make a little slip. Better now than when you are making your “real” drawing.


Warm-up exercise 2:

Take a new drawing sheet and start randomly “doodling”. This can be anything, do not think too much about it, beginning with swirls, lines, abstract or realistic forms. Draw what comes to mind and don’t think about the result.
Your main objective is: to fill the paper. Draw until you have filled the whole sheet. You can do this quickly, but also slowly. It is up to you.


Warm-up exercise 3:

Okay, the last and most difficult task: draw straight lines without a ruler.
The lines need not be perfectly straight. That will not happen on the first try anyway and is not even the purpose of this exercise.


No, the goal is to gain more control over your arm. This can be developed by training. If it is very easy for you, you can also try to place every new line a bit further apart.



Those were the three exercises, your warming-up for drawing is done! You’re all set to go!


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