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Migaloo was first seen near Byron Bay in Queensland, Australia, in the 1990s. He is the first white whale ever spotted. ⁠

Since then, 3 or 4 more white whales have been discovered. Which makes them extremely unique.

The white humpback whale was given the name “Migaloo” or “white guy” from the aborigines. They explained their connection with all white or albino animals. White animals seem to be respected and revered on Earth. ⁠

The unique color demonstrates the need to respect all life forms, even if they look different from “normal”.


This work is painted on sturdy acid-free paper with a light canvas structure.

De afmeting van het schilderij is 14 cm 5 cm (16,5 cm x 7,5 incl rand).

Ingelijst in een lijst van 13 cm x 18 cm.

It is possible to change a wooden or gold frame, you can indicate this in the comments field of your order.

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The paintings in the series “Emerging” – tell a story about what comes to light in turbulent times.


Things don’t just happen to you

They are meant for you.

Everything comes to the surface

It becomes visible and revealed.

You exert the power within yourself

Space is created,

And a new place to land becomes visible.


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